Thursday, March 17, 2011

We're Home!

Sorry for the long delay but between jet lag and an immeasurably large mob of family and friends, we've just not had the time or ability to post. The good news - great news! - is that we're home and can now lose sleep in our own house, and not a hotel, like any other couple with a newborn. We have much to share about our last couple of days and will do so soon. For now, however, it's stunning merely to realize we're near the end of the Indian chapter in our lives.

Our pediatrician tells us that Archer is supremely healthy and quite impressed at how our little guy has already grown over 1 pound (to 8 pounds 13 ounces) and 1.5 inches (to 22 inches) in less than a month. Today is his one month birthday and let me tell you, after all we've been through, it's hard to believe Archer's just barely 30 days old.

Our love to everyone out there in the blogosphere for your support during that oh so long stay in Mumbai. Here are some pictures to say thank you. (Clicking on them opens a larger size.)

Just after Archer's first real bath. Sponge baths on Marriott beds don't count!
In his very own Moses basket.
Note the white mitten. Archer's always landing planes with his hands,
even in his sleep, so the mittens keep things soft and safe.
The kind of hat mommies go crazy for.
This is what greeted us at the airport.
And this is what greeted us at the house.
The view outside our house. It's good to be home!


  1. you're home yeah! what a long haul but you did it. how wonderful that you're home safe and sound. now the fun really begins... life with a new little soul in your lives.

  2. Hey you guys. I am so sorry for being out of touch and wanted to give big CONGRADULATIONS from both my wife and me. We are so happy for you. Archer is awsome!

  3. Congratulations on being home!! Archer is just gorgous. I feel like I recognize the view from your house and it makes me homesick!

  4. Congratulations again.....and glad to hear that you're at home.

    Enjoy Baby Archer and the new world of parenting!

  5. What a view! I'm talking about the one of Archer in his Moses basket, of course. ;)

  6. YEAH!!!!! congrats mommy and daddy! enjoy your little one, it is so life changing and Wonderful!!!! You both did it. So wish I was there to hold that beautiful boy. Hopefully soon. big hugs to you all! love, kristine, marty, emily and eric.

  7. Welcome Home!! Love to see you guys home and settled (so far) and enjoying Archer!! Pics are soooo cute as always!