Saturday, March 5, 2011

Travel Weary

It's been twenty days since we left home and I'm just going to come right out and say it - I'm officially homesick. Don't get me wrong, life could be much worse and I fully recognize that some have it much tougher than us.  Life with Archer is absolutely wonderful and I wouldn't give up this special bonding time for the three of us for anything.  I'm just ready to go home and bond there.  I miss my favorite foods, our washer and dryer, the salty smell of the ocean, cooking in our kitchen, our beautiful house, driving my car, the snow covered trees and our amazing friends and family.  We're dying to show this little guy off and to introduce him to everyone who has been so supportive!

While up at all hours of the night, we find ourselves channel surfing for some show/movie other than those we've already watched multiple times in India.  We have the streaming option using our laptop, but when we're feeding Archer at 3am, setting up the laptop is by no means a priority.  We have a few more English language channels in the hotel (approximately 10), but that has not proven to be much better than the hospital.  Honestly, I can only handle so many reruns of Friends from the 1990's, the same Indian commercials that they run not once, but two - three times at EACH commercial break, the same Animal Planet episodes of animals fornicating and I can only handle watching fossilized movies such as Junior, Throw Mama From the Train and Rush Hour a maximum of three times in my life - let alone in one trip.  Just like our last trip though, we have a favorite Indian commercial that does manage to make us both chuckle every time we see it.  It's for Virgin Mobile - an Indian cell phone company - and the commercial is a guy intentionally angering his girlfriend off so that she'll dump him because he wants out.  His rooster dance at the end is funny - or at least we think so. You'll find it here.

The hotel staff are nothing short of amazing with us and they love Archer.  While there is a plethora of International food options at the hotel, there are also American-ized options and believe me when I tell you, I've exhausted them all.  If I don't see a club sandwich or flatbread pizza for years to come, it will be too soon.  We've become friendly with a few of the chefs and I've begun inventing my own dishes, but even that is getting old.  Along with being tired of the options, I'm now correlating the food with being in a place I no longer want to be and therefore I don't have much of an appetite for any of it anymore.  What I would give for a big salad from the Cheesecake Factory, a fat steak from the Capital Grille, a Boston Creme donut from Dunkin Donuts, a burger from Five Guys and a cold margarita from On the Border!  If only clicking my heels and chanting "there is no place like home" would get us someplace other than the Courtyard Marriot in Mumbai...

A couple updates to report....Archer's pediatrician appointment went well this week and he is now a half pound heavier.  He also had a Hepatitis B vaccination and took it much better than I would have.  He's been a bit fussy since, which is not normal for him, but he seems to be shaking it off like a champ.  That's my boy!  The US Consulate has been in touch with us and there is a possibility our appointment will be moved up to next week.  Fingers crossed and we'll elaborate more on that in future posts.

I shall leave you with some newer pictures for your viewing pleasure....

Dr. Yash with Dr. Sudhir holding Archer


  1. a great way to start my Saturday. What a gorgeous baby...We all miss you here and looking forward to meeting Archer!

  2. Love the photos!! I can't wait to hear your voice. I can't wait to hear all about Archer. I remember the Survivor mode in Mumbai. McDonalds and KFC deliver!! They also have Domino's there that will deliver. We rotated between McD's and KFC and Domino's.

    I can't wait to more photos. Hurry Home!!


  3. Really, a cute baby, patience...
    The Adriens

  4. Amazing how food can become so important...not lack of it, but the comfort. You'll be home soon and this time of homesickness will seem so far away. Easy for me to say from my own house! Hang in there. Love you all. Archer is so adorable. Love the photos.

  5. love the pictures and sorry you have this to deal with. Keep visualizing home, I hope you get to leave sooner than expected. Great thing is you have Archer, I am sure it is challenging in a hotel taking care of him. You guys are doing an amazing job, coming home to your home will make everything feel like a piece of cake. Love sent to your beautiful family!
    Kristine V.