Friday, February 18, 2011

Recovery Time

Seems we've all needed a little recovery this day after Archer's birth. Born at 11pm on Thursday the 17th, he was kept in the NICU throughout Friday for further observation. Hospital rules dictate that Shannon ("the mother") is able to visit Archer throughout the day while I ("the father") am only permitted a visit in the afternoon between 5pm and 7pm. During the morning visit Shannon found the oxygen hood in place, a feeding tube through his nose and an IV; this afternoon visit found the hood removed - good sign - but with the tubes still in place. We're told all is going to plan and that tomorrow - Saturday - the pediatrician will begin to wean Archer onto a bottle.

You can blame me for no pictures. I just don't care to distribute photos of our baby hooded, tubed and IV'd. That said, we're hopeful that by tomorrow afternoon we can give folks an unimpeded view of our little one. All I can objectively relate is that he is easily the cutest baby born in the last century. Objectively speaking. He's certainly looking healthy enough. Surrounded by premature Indian babies struggling to achieve three pounds, Archer stands out like a very pink giant. Upon walking into the NICU for the first time I couldn't help but turn to Shannon, point to the huge Caucasian baby and say, "I'm guessing that one is ours."

Shannon and I hardly slept Thursday night. I got away with it but Shannon's cold relapsed and she struggled to finish the day. We're going to play Saturday morning's visit be ear. I may go alone and take on the role of  mother so Shannon has additional time to recover while sparing the NICU a cold flown over from Boston. Our hope is that Archer is deemed ready to leave the NICU by Saturday afternoon so he can shack up with mom and dad full time. If so, Shannon will join us and we'll move into a hospital room until Archer finishes the observation required by India law. (We were told the law requires three days of observation before release. What's not clear is if days in the NICU count. I'm guessing not; we'll know tomorrow.)

Regrettably, no word about R today. We'll assume no news is good news but that'll be solace for only so long. We didn't have a translator with us during visiting hours so even if we could have seen her we'd have had no way to communicate. Very frustrating.

There's more to relate from that packed Thursday night but it'll have to wait for a later post. Shannon's snoring away and I'm fading fast. Our last night of uninterrupted sleep? Let's hope so!


  1. Thanks for the update, Geoff. Hoping Shan is feeling better soon and that you get a positive update on your carrier.

    My first pics of my twin nephews are covered with wires, tubes and all kinds of non-cuddly, non-cute items. But, those NICU pics were quickly replaced by swaddled, cute, baby-in-bassinet shots as I'm sure will soon be the case for you. Can't wait to see what 'lil Archer looks like :)

    Love from Salem, MA,
    Lise, Matty & Baby Hansamato

  2. From experience, I can say take the pictures, no need to share them. I didn't see it at the time, but you'll want to remember it all, even the scary tubes. It just might take a while to look at them...took me 2 years. Keep the updates coming...I won't leave my computer for long in fear I'll miss a moment. Hope Shan feels better soon and R is resting comfortably. Hugs and kisses!!!!

  3. We have pictures of Emily in NICU and All i remember is how cute she is the first days of her life! I agree with Mrs. Redmond, take them and keep them for you! Hope R is okay, rest up both of you!!!!! Thank you , thank you, thank you, for sharing this with us. So amazing to be part of this with you. Bet you cannot wait to hold him!
    love and kisses...Kristine

  4. Thanks for the update & congrats to the proud parents of baby Archer. We have pictures of Corrie her head wrapped up in bandages only a couple of hours old. All I could think of was she looked like a badly battered wrestler. At the time it was scary but glad I have them. No matter she was still beautiful.
    Hope Shannon feels better. Love to the three of you. Nancy

  5. Glad to hear baby A. is doing well and hope R is doing well too!

  6. I know you are not thinking of us (rightly so), but we are all thinking of you! Can't wait for the next update...I check all day and Cami asks about her new friend. We picked the cutest outfits for him today. Cami is quite the shopper. Hope you are enjoying these sweet moments with baby Archer. Know you are loved and cared for from miles away.