Thursday, February 24, 2011

And.... We're Back

Lack of Internet access at the hospital and lack of sleep kind of puts a damper on blog posting. As you can imagine, we've got a lot to talk about. Most importantly, Archer has done extremely well since his release from the NICU - well, aside from some constipation that's par for the course. He's already taken to a routine quite well (or tricked us nicely) and has only gone through one scare-the-hell-out-of-mom-and-dad crying jag. (It occurred while Archer was in our care at the hospital. In retrospect it was probably a bout of gas but at the time we were convinced something life threatening had descended to take him away.)

Babies are required to remain in the hospital for a minimum of three days for jaundice observation. Archer spent two nights in the NICU so Shannon and I anticipated one full day with him in the hospital suite we would move into until his discharge. The timing of our move into the hospital was lousy. Although Archer was available to us Saturday morning, we delayed pickup to the afternoon so Shannon could have a few more nap-time hours to kill off her lousy cold. After checking in, settling down and taking possession of our beautiful baby, the clock had moved past 5pm, leaving us without an IT department to provide us with network access. Worse, the same IT department was closed Sunday.

Come Monday we figured we'd just wait until our return to the hotel. Unfortunately, our local pediatrician asked that we stay in the hospital an additional day to monitor Archer as his antibiotics were finally discontinued. To keep our family from thinking the worst - all we'd done since moving into the hospital was spend a few expensive minutes on our mobile phones - we finally got ourselves access to the Internet and Skyped. Once we returned to our hotel room on Tuesday we did what we could to get photos up for all of you to see. Actually writing complete sentences and coherent thoughts had to wait as we adjusted to life with an infant.

The big picture of our life with Archer has been pretty much by the book - you know, baby setting the schedule, no sleep for anyone but the baby, excitement about all poop found in a diaper, etc. (It's true. Shannon and I have actually cheered when opening a diaper and finding something that, a week ago, would have given me nightmares.) What's special are the little idiosyncrasies that make Archer who he is. Like how frequently he lifts his legs really high and bends them when swaddled. Or how he's a champion hiccupper and sneezer. (We witnessed eight sneezes in a row the other day. It's something we track now. "Let's go Archer. Eight is the high score!") Or how he loves to be carried very upright, pressed to our chest. Shannon's so in love that she has to keep stopping herself from kissing his face off.

Earlier today - Thursday - we were told that R has recovered extremely well and may, in fact, be going home. This is amazingly good news as things looked dire soon after delivery. Officially, Hiranandani no longer permits intended parents to visit their carriers and surrogates so we've yet to see R. What we'll end up doing is see her at the Surrogacy India clinic as we wrap up loose ends. The clinic won't permit her to see the baby so during the visit one of us will stay with Archer in a separate room. We have so much to thank R for.... We brought her a few tokens of our appreciation including a necklace with two charms, each printed with the name of one of her sons. We'll know more about this upcoming visit later this evening as Drs. Yash and Sudhir are coming to the Marriott to finally meet Archer.

In my original draft of this entry I'd put down a few more paragraphs. When my wife/editor saw the length of this entry she advised I split it into more than one to spare our audience blog fatigue. Consider it done. I'll see you in a later entry.

Archer says hello!


  1. He is adorable!!!

    It is amazing how that little being changes your world in a split second and can turn the most sane and grounded person into a blithering idiot!! Enjoy it all...

    WHAM xo

  2. He looks just like Geoff! So handsome. Seems like you are adjusting quite nicely to parenthood. Funny almost every conversation revolves around poop! The videos you sent were so cute! I was so worried when you didn't post for a few days. Thanks for putting those up. I know you are exhausted...I feel like I'm on an emotional roller coaster with you. Keep up the good work, mom and dad!

  3. Live for him...he really is one hot potato! I can't WAIT to kiss his face off! Miss you and glad the Bessin family of three are well :)
    PS Isla says 'bring the nugget homeeeeeee'

  4. Okay first and foremost...HE IS STILL GORGEOUS!!!

    Second, Blaze still has record number of sneezes at a is so darn cute!

    Third, you remind me of our first few days together as a family. Gerry's marathon posts and me saying, 'Ah, people want the short and sweet of it dear!' Blaze used to look at us with one eye open and it was the funniest thing. You take every little bit of them in and hope and pray that you remember every moment just as it happened.

    SO truly happy for you guys!

  5. What a sweet little baby, so gorgeous!!!


  6. I still get excited about poo. It's a common sentiment of parents who have a baby with constipation.

    Archer has the cutest nose, by the way. :)

  7. he is so gorgeous! so very happy for you guys. did i tell you i was in albany over the weekend and when i saw interstate 90 pointing to boston i thought of you guys... it wasn't until i got home that i saw the photos. what a nice welcome home. keep posting as now the real fun begins

  8. I know, second post, but just thinking of you all day and looking back at your posts a year ago thinking...what a miracle! His face is such a joy to look at and I feel so lucky to be a part of such a long journey with you all. Having a child that you have to fight for so hard and have such faith in humanity and medicine, only one that has gone through it can understand. I know our situations are not the same, but have commonalities in the fact that it is not always a "given" children will follow true love...makes me so happy!! Enjoy! Can't wait to hug you all.

    Signed, mushy and can't hold it in :-).

  9. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! He is the cutest!! Great photo, looks like he is looking straight into the camera!! Enjoy every minute, we are thinking of you at this very speacial time xxx

  10. He is so beautiful! Remember all this, it is fast. You bring me back to those times at the beginning and it is precious! Remember, trust your instinct, not just what the books say or what everyone else is saying!!!! I still have to remind myself that.
    Lots of love to your beautiful family!
    Kristine, Marty and Emily and Eric

  11. Archer is a handsome little so happy for your guys!

    All the best!