Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dancing Queen

If you were with me as I wrote this you'd have seen some fancy footwork I call my happy dance. Why the happy dance? Because we're in the second trimester! All the test results came in beautifully and all measurements were right where they should be. At 5.3cm long and with a heart rate of 180 beats per second, our squirmy little one has passed the first trimester hurdle with all systems go.

Of course, moving into this next trimester means no more delays. We've got furniture to buy, names to choose, pediatricians to meet and showers to arrange.....And we really only have until early February to do this! SI has advised us to be ready for a flight to India as early as the 35th week of our pregnancy. That's February 3rd given that our expected due date is now March 17th. (Yes, as Geoff figured in an earlier post, our estimate of March 14 was a tiny bit off.) Even though an average pregnancy can last 40 weeks, giant American babies in little Indian bellies tend to bump delivery up a few weeks early. For our agency the average has been 37 to 38 weeks in length.

Talk about a nice problem to have...WOW! We dreamed of this moment, of moving past the fears of the first trimester, and here we are. Okay, let's do one more happy dance! It's real enough that Geoff and I have even bought our first book on pregnancy! (Note to publishers - please write a book about pregnancy that doesn't spend 90% of its pages talking to and about pregnant women.) For a change, Geoff and I get to worry about the same issues affecting every other pregnant couple and as stressful as it is, we are ecstatic.


  1. YAY for second trimester!!! Look out time really flies by now...

  2. Great to hear! Routing for Feb 13th (my birthday)-lol


  3. I have been watching your story unfold as you are exactly three weeks ahead of us with SI. We are 10 weeks today with identical twins and I really hope that things go as smoothly for us as they have for you:)



  4. WOOHOO for the second trimester! March will be here so quick, just you watch:)

    -Laura, Bill, and Chase

  5. Can't wait to start shopping!!! Give me a list!

  6. Yay for the second trimester! What a great milestone to reach! Wishing your surro the best of health in the months ahead!

  7. This is great news to come back to! Congratulations on reaching the 2nd trimester. The fun really starts now!!!!

  8. Shannon, Geoff - just checked back to see what was new, and was very happy to receive the news.. It's really happening now.. I'm very happy and excited for you.