Sunday, July 11, 2010

Pay No Attention

Beta was 237 on July 9. Or as Shannon told her mom over the phone, "In two days the beta's gone from 94.48 to 236.71!" :-)

We've been down Optimism Road once before so that's enough said for now. For what it's worth - yes, it's possible to swing between, "It might be twins!" and "This is too good - it can't stay this good..." in a matter of seconds.

More after we've received the next round of results - hopefully early in the week.


  1. Hoping and praying all stays on the right track!

  2. that sounds really good! just as it should be! :)

    baby dust x

  3. That sounds good!!!! FIngers crossed....

  4. Sounds wonderful and right on track to me! Try to err on the side of positivity. I know it can be hard to think this may actually work after a loss, but oh yes it can!!! And it will. This is good news guys, jump up and down with joy : ))

  5. great result!!!!! Congratulations. So happy for you and keeping fingers crossed!