Sunday, March 21, 2010

Behind the Curve

Our Saturday morning beta results were 2600, a modest increase from the last test but definitely far behind what is "typical". Not surprisingly, in light of this beta count, the ultrasound showed an undefined sac. (With a beta that low, you just don't expect to see a lot of development.) Don't quote me on the description of what was seen as it's all second-hand information heard over a crackly phone connection but the bottom line is that at eight weeks, we (and the doctors) would have expected to see more definition.

If Shannon and I were to actually write a book for parents pursuing surrogacy, one piece of advice would likely be, "Think of beta numbers as hints, not facts, about your baby's health." I'm guessing Shannon and I are driven to this conclusion partly because we're busy trying to move past the fairly poor beta performance we've experienced so far. Dr. Yash told us she has personally witnessed two successful pregnancies that started as inauspiciously. Statistically, we're falling farther behind the norm but we wouldn't be making news if we went full term. Sometimes growth comes in fits and starts, particularly in the first trimester. We absolutely need to see vast improvement over the next couple of weeks but it wouldn't be unprecedented for that to happen. So there remains a reason to hope.

Recently, other intended parents within our extended surrogacy family have received very good, early-in-the-first-trimester news. We love hearing this. First, success is contagious. Second, all of us in this family have sacrificed for the sake of building a family and deserve all the happiness life can give them. We wish you all continued success and have you in our now fairly specific and otherwise selfish prayers.


  1. Can I just say that you two are the most deserving couple I know. I know you were expecting better results yesterday. It is amazing to me that even though you are going through this that you are right there to cheer all of us on. We are hoping and praying that the numbers go up and we see some growth. We only had 3 beta results. 36 76 190. They may have done more and we didn't know about it. Let's hope little peanut is just taking his time getting in the sack. Try to stay strong and I am here for you both!!

    Sending lots of hugs your way!!


  2. Maybe you had a late implantation? Praying you get ahead of the curve with confirmation of a heart beat on your next scan. Keep the faith and hang in there!

  3. Shan & Geoff: I'm saddened to read you didn't have more encouraging news in your Saturday call this week - I hope and pray that Dr. Yash will soon be able to consider this her third experience where a bumpy beginning still results in a healthy full-term pregnancy.

    I'll be sending lots of thoughts and good wishes your way and praying the news gets better soon. I'm glad you have each other to lean on as you make your way through this - each of you couldn't ask for a better partner, it seems.

    Hugs, Lise

  4. Hoping that all goes well here.......Your corner is filled with our support!