Wednesday, February 10, 2010

There Is No Place Like Home

We are so happy to be home!  For two people that were as prepared as we were for this trip, I feel as though we were hardly prepared for the mental, emotional and physical aspects that were endured.  I know, it’s sad, but very true.  As I’ve said to all of the family and friends that we’ve talked with since our return home, it was supposed to be a happy and exciting trip but with the unexpected complications of laparoscopic surgery and with my getting sick, it was hard to enjoy ourselves. Had the circumstances been different, we would have had a much better experience.

Since our return, the outpouring of emails and calls, flowers, groceries and home cooked meals being delivered has been miraculous.  We are forever indebted to our coworkers, friends and families all expressing care and concern. Words cannot express our gratitude!

Regardless of this trip being a good or bad experience, it was one that I could not have survived without my ultimate best friend – my husband.  In India and home, he has been by my side every second of the way, holding my hand – what more can I ask for?!  In my eyes, I am the luckiest woman in the world because he is the solid rock I get to trek through the bad times with and he is the funny, brilliant guy that I can share the good times with.  (I know the ladies will agree, his debonair looks aren’t too tough on the eyes either!)  He makes my life better in just about every way and marrying him was one of the biggest achievements of my life.

We are now in what's called the "2WW" (two week wait) and believe me, we are counting the minutes until we receive that call revealing our fate for this cycle.  Have you ever heard of the fastest gun in the west?  Well, we'll be the fastest phone in the east and that first ring won't even have time to finish before we answer.


  1. The 2WW is one of many during the 9 months til the birth of your little one/s.

    You definitely need that sold rock with you on this journey as it is an unbelievable roller coaster of emotion; as you already know.

    We'll be thinking of the two of you and looking forward to your good news.


  2. Hello Shannon & Geoff,
    I know that you must be getting very close to the end of your 2ww. Hope you are both now doing fine and fully recovered from your trip.
    It was so nice meeting you, who knows we may meet again if all goes well.
    Look forward to hearing some positive news soon.
    Take care Kerry