Saturday, January 30, 2010

Parting Shots

If you haven’t read them by now, Geoff posted two entries just last night so please check them out (First Impressions and Breaking the Ice).  I wanted to give folks an update on my shots and what our next medical steps will be.  Tomorrow (Monday) is my last day of Lupron and Gonal-F shots.  YIPPPEEEE!  They’ve left me bloated and a little tired with some firmness in my abdomen since that is the only part of my body I used for the injections. The injections themselves really haven’t been THAT bad but the anxiety just before I’m about to inject is something I can definitely live without.  I usually prep both needles and get the injection site ready.  If I hesitate when injecting at all, I’m a goner and that is what throws me off.  Yesterday was a piece of cake but today, not so much.  Even though the needles aren’t that big, to stand there holding a sharp weapon a half inch from my stomach isn’t as inviting as one would think.  The hesitation brings on a few hot flashes of adrenaline, weak knees and shaky hands. What fun!  I know what you’re thinking…why can’t Geoff give them to you?  Well, I suppose he could, but I’m an intelligent, strong woman in my thirties and I’ll be damned if I can’t get through this.  For me, it would be a blow to my dignity if I couldn’t administer these shots on my own.

Tomorrow day, I return to Lilavati Hospital for a third pelvic scan and in the evening, I inject the “trigger shot” (HCG), which tells my ovaries to let go of my plumped up eggs and get this party started!  I am ecstatic to say that like the two other shots I’ve been administering, this will be a subcutaneous injection (1/2” under the skin) vs. an intramuscular injection (under the skin and into the muscle) that many are familiar with.  All this means Wednesday will be the day of our egg retrieval. Wednesday is E-Day!

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