Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Big Shot

That's right. That's me - because tonight I conquered the needle and gave myself my first injection. Thanks to all for the support and good wishes! Now that the anticipation and anxiety are over, I'm going to faint and then go to bed. xo


  1. Mazal Tov! I Love You :)

  2. woohoo! congrats on starting your cycle xxx

  3. Can I get your email address? I wanted to chat about having a baby in India through surrogacy without donor eggs?

  4. WOOHOO!! All fears behind you, plow ahead to all those needles hun!! I knew u can do You might need to tell m eur secret when i start on the 28th..i'm nervous as

    make those eggs!!

  5. So happy that the shots are working fine. You will be in Mumbai in 6 days!! You guys haave came so far since November. The shots are almost over and you are on your way to India!! I can't wait to hear how many egg's you get. We all need daily updates of your progress. Now, get to packing!!