Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Story Before The Story

Gentlemen, you may want to take a restroom break for this part. Ladies, put your feet up and feel the love!

After Geoff and I met in December of 2005, we knew pretty quickly that it was the right fit. So much so that we moved in together within a few months and were engaged in May 2006. Ah yes, it was during the raging floods that took New England by storm when he proposed and I don't think either of us will ever forget it. We wet-vac'ed the basement for 36 hours, taking shifts so we could each catch a cat nap or run to the restroom. As fast as it was coming in, we were wet-vac'ing it out. (Guess I shouldn't complain because our neighbors had five pumps going and still couldn't keep up and even more importantly, we got engaged!) Much to my surprise he had The Ring for a while but decided on the spot that this day in May was the right day to ask me. His thoughts were – why wait for “the perfect moment” with lots of pomp and circumstance when the perfect reason was right there in front of us - if we could get through this and still love each other as much as we did, we could get through anything together. (fast-forward 2 years and 2 months later and hello India!)

We were engaged for a year and one month and pretty much every day of our engagement was spent planning some part of our spectacular wedding festivities for us and our guests. Up until Geoff met me, my mom and my sister, he had never met insanely organized, die hard party planners. For me, party planning comes very naturally. In fact, because of that (and a few other things), I started a successful event planning and management business over five years ago. Being the last of my closest girlfriends to get married and because of my profession, you can bet your butt that this was going to be an unforgettable, miraculous wedding. No stone was left unturned and no detail was forgotten, literally.

As much as I would love to share each detail about all of the other festivities we enjoyed leading up to the wedding and the wedding, (that is a blog in itself) I would much prefer to blog about this incredible journey we are embarking on.  However, for the hopeless romantic in you, please indulge me and allow me to share a few details and pictures of the wedding.  It might be over the top for some but for us, our wedding and all of the festivities around it really were everything we wanted and hoped for.

We got married on June 24th, 2007 at one of Boston's five-star hotels – the Boston Harbor Hotel. Geoff was stunning and could have easily had a photo shoot in GQ (truthfully, he always looks that great). I wore a gorgeous Romona Keveza gown in platinum and I may just wear that bad boy around the house for the rest of my life just because I love it THAT much. The ceremony, cocktail reception, dinner and dancing were all at the hotel. Our ceremony was “in the round” and the chuppah, which twinkled with crystals and candles, was centered amongst our guests. I was raised Catholic and Geoff Jewish; And one of our closest friends (JB) who is a Unitarian Minister officiated a beautiful ceremony incorporating a little bit of everything, including a couple jokes from my single days. (Sidenote - I met JB and his wife ten years ago when I used to nanny for their newborn son. They now have 3 kids and all of them are very much a part of our lives.) The cocktail reception was outside on the terrace overlooking Boston Harbor. Our friend SB has pipes like no other singer and, accompanied by her fellow musicians, she was remarkable for our ceremony and cocktail reception. She sang old standards that we love and got us warmed up for the orchestra that stirred things up during dinner and dancing. Everyone just soaked in all of the details and elegance of that night – especially Geoff and I. 

Since that unforgettable time, our relationship has continued to grow and strengthen. Our priorities and focus have now shifted to the next important step in our lives - growing our family beyond just us.

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