Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Nancy P. Saves The Day!

It's safe to assume that when enrolling with a clinic, there are necessary requirements that need to be met before officially being accepted into the program. Things like paperwork and screening tests are a couple of the Surrogacy India (SI) requirements. The screening tests range from basic blood work-ups and urine cultures to a few up close and personal tests.  Given that we will be using my eggs and Geoff's sperm, there are nineteen screening tests that I am required to have and ten for Geoff.  Obviously time is of the essence, therefore panic set in that we'd be scrambling to schedule doctor appointments ASAP, but I must say, all is going quite smoothly thus far. 

Getting an appointment with my gynecologist is like getting in-season Red Sox tickets - unless you know someone, it's nearly impossible.  Lucky for me, Nancy has been in my life for twenty years and she is on my side!  I left a frantic voicemail for her nurses last Thursday night saying that we're moving forward with surrogacy in India and in order to enroll, I must have a bunch of tests run.  Six days later, I was sitting with my feet up in her office.  To be clear, sitting with my feet stirrups with my mustn't-touch-it exposed!  (For the record, the "mustn't-touch-it" phrase is straight from my Dad's vocabulary.)  In one fell swoop, she ordered sixteen of the nineteen tests and from her office, I bopped down to the blood lab and then into X-ray.  13 vials of blood, a chest X-ray, pelvic exam, 10 hugs and a pep talk from Nancy later, I was headed home at 7pm. Thank you Nancy P.!!! 

Other progress this week......Geoff gets close and personal with a plastic cup on Thursday for a more recent semen analysis and we have an appointment on Friday with our fertility doctor here to discuss our plans in India.  (Sidenote - our fertility doctor is Dr. R. Ian Hardy of Fertility Centers of New England and we highly recommend him for those looking locally!)

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  1. Welcome to the blogging world!! I am so happy for you both. I can't wait til we meet one day. I may just have been a reference for you guys but I really have enjoyed talking with you and getting to know you and your story. You both have done a great job researching and getting your ducks in a row. I am so glad you chose SI. You will not be disappointed. Keep us posted on everything. Good Luck to you both on your journey.


    Greggers and Robbers

    PS: I don't want to learn about about your process on some blog. You better call me with all the details and mile stones. promise?