Friday, June 25, 2010

We're On Our Way (we think)

Yesterday’s promise was too good to be true. Late last week SI determined that our next embryo transfer would take place on June 24. Amazingly, that day is also our three year wedding anniversary. Was it actually true that the first day of our embryos’ lives in utero would be on the same date their parents married? That had to be a good luck sign, right?

Well Geoff and I felt the cheery, positive thoughts slowly slip away as the 24th passed without any correspondence from the doctors. No call, no email, no text, nothing. Sadly, the anxiety of waiting to hear an update overcame any desire to celebrate our anniversary. Did the transfer actually happen? Did both of our embryos (we only froze two) thaw successfully? Is R ok? Is anybody on our side in India? It wasn’t until midnight (Friday the 25th in Mumbai) that we finally caught up with the doctors. I’m not up for reliving it but, bottom line, the thawing process started late on the 24th, the IVF doctor felt it was best for the transfer wait until the 25th (to ensure the embryos were fully recovered and healthy), and - because of the hour - SI didn’t get around to notifying us. Moving past our annoyance, the take home message was that we had to be patient a bit longer.

At the crack of dawn this morning we received an email with some good news. Our two embryos survived the thaw and were in very good shape. One embryo is an eight cell, grade one and the other embryo is a four cell, grade one. We still don’t have actual confirmation that the transfer took place (of course!) but this part of the process is fairly straightforward so we’re going with the no news is good news theory until we hear back.

It's all very ironic. When we were in Mumbai for our first attempt we very much wanted to be home to share the news of the transfer with our families. Now that we're home for this second attempt we both couldn’t resist wishing we were in Mumbai to see everything through and to wish R lots of rest with her feet up.

Anyway, here we are, back again in the nail-biting, two week wait (we think). Fingers crossed!


  1. Got our fingers crossed for you! We are here with the docs, having egg pick up in a few hours. Transfer will be Monday. Let's meet up in 9 months for baby pick up!! :)

  2. Sending a big blast of baby dust your way (and to Daria, too....)

  3. the best advice ican give having been at this for a little while now is to remember you're on india time now so be patient, trust your doctors they really do care and know what they're doing and breath or else you'll drive yourselves crazy. spend time reading the other blogs, it really does help a lot. there are a lot of lovely people out there who have gone through the fire and are coming out just fine on the other side. here's to lots of baby dust

  4. You know I am rooting for ya! We were SO hoping to be in the TWW with you, but sadly not. We can now put ALL our positive vibes and thoughts into you guys.

  5. Oh guys, I am so excited for you!! I have my fingers and toes and hairs crossed for you. You know that our transfer happened a day after Rob's Birthday and we had great results. This could be your sign. ;) I hope you both have a great time with the family this weekend. Please know that we are both thinking of you and we are rooting for you!


  6. Hey there.. You folks just keep positive and know that there are so many people wishing you the very BEST of love, luck and baby dust


  7. hi guys

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    this about summarizes india in a nutshell

    do hang in there, you will get a baby eventually but you definately have to stay on top of things because "indian planning and management" is not quite what we expect in the west... but the indians do know how to make babies: there are 1.2 billion of them after all! and that doesn't include their cousins in pakistan and bangladesh, another 350million!

    hoping you guys have a sense of humour and don't stress out too much... your time will come as it does for everyone eventually...

    keep cool (body and mind!)


  8. We have got everything crossed for you!! Sending lots of baby dust your way :)

  9. Also sending Baby dust your way...

  10. Thinking sticky thoughts! :)

  11. We all have you in our thoughts. Jon's post does indeed sum up India.

  12. You are in our thoughts and prayers. I'm really hoping this is your time.

  13. Wishing you so many best wishes on this attempt!

    (I see we still share the same irritations with this journey)

    However your hopes and dreams will become a reality!